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Let the computer watch youtube instead of you.

How to use:


Create a special profile in the Firefox:
firefox --ProfileManager
Start it, and login into your google account. Besides you can setup proxy.
Close the Firefox.
Find the path to the profile and write it to a my_config.py file:
firefox_profile = '.mozilla/firefox/some_profile'

Then configure the program:

sudo apt update  
sudo apt install git python3-venv firefox-geckodriver  
git clone https://gitlab.com/strannik-j/youtubewatcher/  
cd youtubewatcher  
python3 -m venv ~/.youtubewatcher_env  
source ~/.youtubewatcher_env/bin/activate  
pip3 install -r requirements.txt  
python3 main.py -T1  

-H --hidden: Hidden mode. Dont show browser window. 0 - no, 1 - yes. (Default: 1)
-V --volume: Volume 1 - normal, 0 - mute. (Default: 0)
-S --speed: Playback speed. (Default: 2)
-B --browser: Browser. (Default: Frefox)
-L --legacy: Legacy mode. 0 - no, 1 - yes. (Default: 0)
-R --random: Randomly playing videos from a playlist. 0 - no, 1 - yes. (Default: 1)
-M --max_videos: Max videos before cleaning. (Default: 10)
-T --threads: Threads. (Default: 1)
-A --rating: Set rating ('like', 'dislike'), unset any rating ('none') and 'disable'.