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The Sinden Lightgun
The Sinden Lightgun is the world's first true LCD television compatible Lightgun.
Andy Sinden
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Coventry, United Kingdom
₽130 575 714 RUB by 7 473 backers
₽23 418 927 RUB by 1 466 backers on May 15, 2019 with another platform
The project team has begun turning their prototype into the final product. Their ability to ship the products may be affected by product development or financial challenges. Learn More

Due to great success of the January batches, I've now hit the January capacity so I have added perks for February delivery.  Thank you everyone for your support so far.
Now taking orders for Australia and Israel after some successful test parcels, other additional countries to follow in the future after successful test parcels in the new year.  Please note only Blue and Red colours are currently available to Australia, not black.

I grew up playing fantastic Lightgun games such as Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, Mad Dog Mccree, Virtua Cop, House Of The Dead and Time Crisis.  However sadly we can no longer play these great games because Lightguns don't work directly on modern televisions such as LCD - until now thanks to the Sinden Lightgun.

This project is the first part of a larger ambitious project which is to restore the Lightgun genre by removing the technological blockers.  By supporting this project backers will be contributing to this ambition.  The Sinden Lightgun is not just a new product it is an entire new technology.


Currently the only way to play Lightgun games is either to keep a giant CRT television hanging around or use a Wii remote style technology with additional hardware placed around the television (such as a Wii sensor bar).  Unfortunately that still doesn't provide line of sight shooting unless you calibrate.  However every time you move to a different position or angle you need to re-calibrate.  These problems are why we don't see Lightgun games anymore on the major consoles.

This is why I developed the Sinden Lightgun.  It interacts directly with the television and doesn't require additional hardware around the television or any calibration.  It is always accurate even if you change your position.  It has enabled me to play all my favourite classic Lightgun games again in the comfort of my living room on my 50inch LCD television and I may be slightly biased but IT'S BRILLIANT!!!!


The project is now at a production stage with a high quality custom injection moulded ABS shell and production PCB.  It features a high speed 60fps camera, a CPU, USB interface, a trigger, 4 assignable side action buttons, pump action reload, a 4 way D-Pad and offscreen reload.  So far it has driver software for Windows and Linux (including Raspberry Pi), it is mapped to behave like a physical mouse for easy software compatability.  Providing the software is compatible (such as Mame) you can use 2 Sinden Lightguns at the same time.  There is an optional recoil upgrade which adds a large solenoid, capacitor and complex innovative solenoid circuit to give that arcade recoil effect without needing any additional power supply.

My long term goal is to bring back the Lightgun to the masses and get brand new Lightgun games made. Can you imagine playing a brand new Virtua Cop or House Of The Dead made with the Unreal or Unity 3D engines running on the latest hardware? I'd also like to see new official retro consoles made with functioning Lightguns.


So how does it work??? It uses smart image recognition with some clever maths and clever software.  The Sinden Lightgun contains a high quality and high speed camera which captures the display screen output and calculates where the user is pointing.  A thin rectangular border is added to the display content which is used as a reference point.  The software receives a captured image frame every 16-20ms and can calculate the required mouse movement as quick as 1ms.


The PC has lots of retail Lightgun games that are available that work with the Sinden Lightgun including some on Steam, as well as hundreds of games that work in emulators and numerous Arcade Dumps.  Please see my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/sindentechnology for lots of great examples.

Now I couldn't attempt to bring the Lightgun into the 21st century without at least adding some new functionality.  The Sinden Lightgun has experimental 3D tracking.  The Sinden Lightgun can identify what angle you are viewing the television from and also your relative distance.  This means the television can show different content based on your position which gives a 3D effect.   The 3D tracking is at the proof of concept stage but I'm hoping this can develop into something amazing!

I got the chance to give a demonstration to youtuber RetroManCave who published a video on his youtube channel, it has now had over 150k views:


The Sinden Lightgun as well as PCs also works on the Raspberry Pi.  You can easily build a really good multi-platform Lightgun gaming system using something like a Raspberry Pi 4 and RetroPie.  The below video is on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and since then the Raspberry Pi 4 has made things even better.  You can now play House Of The Dead 2 Arcade properly on the Raspberry Pi 4.


As an optional extra upgrade you can add a custom holster to each Sinden Lightgun ordered for attaching to the side of an arcade cabinet.  They are injection moulded black ABS plastic designed to match the exact contours of the Sinden Lightgun.  They can be fitted to either the left or the right hand side and are easily attached with 4 screws.

This project is about creating a new Lightgun game playing community.  I have setup a forum where my Kickstarter backers will be able to share their ideas and experiences.  Share knowledge and provide support.  I'm passionate about the fun people can have playing these games.


There are some important things to note before pledging:

The Sinden Lightgun currently only works on Windows and Linux operating systems.  I'm working on other operating systems with Android as the priority.  The hardware is compatible once the software drivers are complete. 

There is a requirement to add a thin software border around the edge of your display output.  The included software makes this easy if it is compatible with your hardware or you can do this inside of your emulator which is quite easy to do with most of the major emulators such as Mame or emulator front ends like Hyperspin and Retroarch.  I have easy to follow instructions on how to do this.   

The Sinden Lightgun does not like bright direct sunlight shining on the television as this can impact performance.

It is recommended to be at least a distance of 1.5 times the display width back from the display to get the full performance of the Sinden Lightgun.

Backers will get to choose their Sinden Lightgun colour from black, arcade blue and arcade red.

Sinden Lightgun works on LCD, LED, OLED, Plasma and projector (lamp technology projectors).

Throughout 2020 I will be working on further compatibility with original console hardware.  At the moment you can use it on PS1 and PS2 via a hardware mod as demonstrated here:

The project is currently at the production stage for manufacturing the original Kickstarter units.  The production injection moulding shell and the main PCB have now been ordered and paid for and are being mass produced (very very exciting).  I'm now at the point where I am comfortable to take new orders.  I would have loved to have continued taking orders after the Kickstarter but I felt it was only fair to get past all the unknowns before adding any more risk.  I value my supporters and didn't want to risk letting anyone down.  Having now reached these milestones I can take more orders to improve my quantity discounts and getting the components ordered for the next batches which can take 6-8 weeks to arrive.  Due to the high volume of orders I already have I am comfortable taking more because the factory are eager to process more orders and they have significantly more capacity.

This batch of orders is initially available to UK, USA, Canada and Europe.  Further international countries should be added in the next batch, sorry for everyone whose country is not on the list.  I'm working really hard to get it available to you too.

I have prioritised regular honest updates throughout my post-kickstarter phase and will make sure all future backers are treated with the same respect.  Backing my project is not just about receiving a great Lightgun it is about joining and helping a movement with momentum to make something happen in the game industry.  Your support is needed and much appreciated.  Please make a pledge and come join in the action.  Please share the project with all your friends.

Finally I do want to mention the impact of Corona Virus.  The factories making the product in the UK and the Chinese companies making components are still operational.  However with Corona Virus things change very quickly.  Please rest assured I will do everything in my power to get things manufactured and delivered as soon as possible but some unexpected delays may be unavoidable when circumstances around the world change.  What I can 100% commit to, is that your investment will be safe.

Thank you for looking at my project.