Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Works With Intel Gigabit NIC Card

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Jeff Geerling

(Image credit: Jeff Geerling)

In a recent tweet, Raspberry Pi expert and enthusiast Jeff Geerling announced that after much work, he managed to get an Intel I340-T4 4x Gigabit NIC working with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 using a Compute Module 4 I/O board.


After everything was said and done, Geerling was able to record a maximum performance throughput of 3.06 Gbps.

Connecting the hardware was easy enough but still came with a bit of a challenge The Compute Module 4 I/O board has a 1x slot, but the card uses a 4x plug. Geerling easily bridged the connection with a 1x to 16x PCIe adapter.


It took a some work to determine the best route for driver installation, but the maker found a solution and tested the final setup using four individual Raspberry Pis (one for each port on the card). When testing the performance individually, they averaged around 940 Mbps. Altogether, the throughput maxed out at 3.06 Gbps.

The process is much more involved than we covered here. You can read a detailed explanation behind the construction and setup of this project on Jeff Geerling's website.