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There are several more, web-based front ends, like Piped or VueTube, but I don't really consider those to be Vanced alternatives. You can check the comments for them.

If you want to save videos offline using scripting, you can use yt-dlp running in Termux (run pkg install -y python; python -m pip install yt-dlp to install it).

Also, there's xManager-Spotify for... Spotify, as a replacement for Vanced Music. I would advise you to not use this with a premium account though, since ad blockers are a TOS violation and can get your account suspended. That won't really matter in practice if you just use throw-away accounts though (I'm not a lawyer, so don't quote me on that).

As for what I think are the best ones: Either NewPipe (has some nice features like support for other platforms like SoundCloud and a complete downloader) or the Web version with add-ons (which will give you the most complete experience, including login).

Some things that may or may not work are most popular video players, but they won't allow discovery (except for possibly Kodi)

Finally a pro-tip: If you want to download videos from any YT app, you can install NewPipe and share the link to the video to it from the share-menu. Then you can select to always download when sharing to NewPipe.