Игра ломаает видиеокарты

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Даже не знаю фейк или нет. Пользователи жалуются, что игра ломает видеокарты.

Amazon's latest video game, "New World," has a potentially major problem: Some players say the game "bricked," or destroyed, their wildly expensive and hard-to-find graphics card.

"I just bricked a 3090 in the main menu after setting my graphics quality to medium and hitting save," a Reddit user said in a new thread on Tuesday night. "Can't believe it. Anyone else had a catastrophic failure like this?"

Many other uses had run into a similar if not identical issue.

The thread is full of people describing the same scenario: A sudden black screen, with nothing displayed, and computer fans turning on to full speed. After resetting their computer, no video comes out of their card and further inspection reveals it has been "bricked" and must be returned to the manufacturer for replacement (the so-called "RMA" process). 

Notably, the graphics card in question — NVIDIA's RTX 3090 — costs $1,500 at a minimum, and it often sells for much higher prices on the re-sale market. It's also very hard to find, and resupplies are rapidly swept up by resellers.

Also of note: The issue appears to impact one particular version of the 3090 manufactured by EVGA. 

It's unclear what, if anything, players can do to prevent the issue outside of not playing "New World" for the time being. The game is currently in a "closed beta" phase, meaning the only way to play it is by invitation or pre-order.

Representatives EVGA didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

An Amazon Games representative sent Insider the following statement: "Hundreds of thousands of people played in the 'New World' Closed Beta yesterday, with millions of total hours played. We've received a few reports of players using high-performance graphics cards experiencing hardware failure when playing 'New World.' 'New World' makes standard DirectX calls as provided by the Windows API. We have seen no indication of widespread issues with 3090s, either in the beta or during our many months of alpha testing. The 'New World' Closed Beta is safe to play. In order to further reassure players, we will implement a patch today that caps frames per second on our menu screen. We're grateful for the support 'New World' is receiving from players around the world, and will keep listening to their feedback throughout Beta and beyond."