На rpi можно сделать децентрализованную сеть

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HyperModem is a low-powered electronic device that connects computers to the global off-the-grid communication network.

This device effectively creates a mesh network node which utilizes every available communication medium, be it a local wireless connection, the Internet or anything else.


HyperModem built with a Raspberry Pi, connected to a regular SOHO router:

HyperModem on a Raspberry Pi

HyperModem’s web interface:

popura luci

popura luci Radv settings

An Android phone connected to HyperModem:

wireless mesh

How to use

  1. Download or build HyperModem image from source.

  2. Install the image on your device.

  3. Power on HyperModem device and connect it to your SOHO router (if you want).

    Find HyperModem’s IPv4 address in a local network, for example Alternatively, connect to a wireless network “HyperModem” and use

    Open this IP address in a web browser and login to the web interface.

  4. Configure the root password

HyperModem is ready to use! Computers in your router’s LAN should now receive an IPv6 address from 300::/8 space and must be able to use the Yggdrasil Network.

Feel free to customize your HyperModem with additional hardware and software mods.

Images for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi B/B+/CM/Zero/ZeroW: DOWNLOAD

Raspberry Pi 2B/3B/3B+/3CM: DOWNLOAD

Install to Raspberry Pi’s SD card /dev/sdX:

zcat filename.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress