утилита, позволяет работать с буфером обмена в консоли

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утилита, позволяет работать с буфером обмена в консоли


Command line interface to manage clipboard

How to install


you can download a pre-compiled executable, then you should copy that executable to /usr/bin or add it to your $PATH env. Do not forget to chmod +x cb.

Distribution packages

Users of Arch Linux can install package from AUR:

  • Precompiled release: cb-bin (Only x64 is supported)
  • Build latest release: cb
  • Build from master: cb-git

Build Manually

  • Install rust: curl -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh
  • Install packages: xorg-dev and build-essential
  • Run make && sudo make install

How to use

  • Copy text: cb -t "Text to be copied"
  • Paste copied text: cb -p
  • Copy from stdin: cat file | cb


Usage: cb [OPTIONS]Optional arguments:
  -h, --help       Prints the help message
  -V, --version    Prints the version
  -p, --paste      Pastes the content of clipboard
  -c, --clear      Clears the content of clipboard
  -s, --server     Starts server as a daemon
  -r, --raw        Do not print newline after pasting the content
  -t, --text TEXT  Store TEXT into clipboard