Zombies! (Lisp)

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Я скачал эту игру некоторое время назад, но я не мог заставить ее работать на моем Raspberry Pi; наконец я это сделал (см. ниже). Вы можете найти это здесь.

I downloaded this game some time ago but I couldn’t make it work on my Raspberry Pi; finally I did it (see below). You can find it here.

Playing this game on a Raspberry Pi

In order to play this game on my Raspberry Pi, I had to install Clozure Common Lisp as explained there. Then I decided to edit the source code of the game and to replace the following lines:

(defun get-input-char ()
   (EXT:with-keyboard (read-char EXT:*keyboard-input*))))


(defun get-input-char () (read-char))

Then I launch the game with the following command:

stty raw -echo opost && ccl -l zombie_hack.lisp ; stty -raw echo

(where ccl is the name of my Clozure Common Lisp executable).