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Microsoft security content added to the Vulners database 

Long time no news, fellows?
But this update is really great. We have added Microsoft security content to the Vulners DB.

There are 3 new collections:
Microsoft Security Updates (https://vulners.com/search?query=type:msupdate%20order:published)
Microsoft KB (https://vulners.com/search?query=type:mskb%20order:published)
Microsoft CVE (https://vulners.com/search?query=type:mscve%20order:published)

All of the data is structured and ready to use.
Would you like to find all security information related to the Windows 10, 1903 (https://vulners.com/search?query=type:mskb%20AND%20primarySupportAreaPath.name:%22Windows%2010,%20version%201903%22%20order:published)?
Or maybe find KB's for the Sharepoint (https://vulners.com/search?query=type:mskb%20AND%20primarySupportAreaPath.name:%22Sharepoint%22%20order:published)?
Or maybe you prefer to receive Microsoft security information using RSS (https://vulners.com/rss.xml?query=type:mskb%20order:published)?

It's easy with Vulners query language and structured content.
And also all the information about KB has 2 great data fields: superseeding and parentseeding.
No more pain of getting information of the KB's relation.

Just take a look at the programmatic view (https://vulners.com/api/v3/search/id/?id=KB4484099). All the data you need is packed inside.

And one more thing: we have created beta API for Windows security audit (https://github.com/vulnersCom/api#audit-windows-hosts-for-installed-security-kb).

Enjoy the Microsoft data and build new incredible integrations using Vulners DB.

Cheers, your Vulners Team.